Readings, Workshops & Lectures

Ruelaine is well-known for her readings, workshops and lectures. For more information or to make arrangements for an event, call 517-267-0410 or send her an email via the “contact” page.


Music to our Ears

In her inimitable voice, Ruelaine reads from her own work, weaving in stories of insight and adventure in the literary arts. Hilarious, moving, transcendent—this is poetry that inhabits flesh and bone, poetry that holds up the mirror to creation.

Women’s Voices/Women’s Lives

This reading brings to life the extraordinarily rich heritage of poetry created by women around the world and throughout the ages. Using poetry and storytelling, Ruelaine brings to life a rich variety of women’s voices.

Found in Translation

Much of the world’s great poetry comes to us in translation. Drawing upon great poets from other cultures and languages helps us to become more at home in our complex world. This reading includes poetry, storytelling, and mixed media.


Poetry as a Healing Art

Drawing upon the work of mystical poets such as Rumi, Thomas Merton, and Mary Oliver, and a variety of voices throughout the ages, this workshop explores the ways in which poetry opens the heart and leads to healing and personal growth. Participants learn and practice the art of reading poetry aloud and engage in writing activities.

 Creative Writing Strategies & Games

Using a variety of writing games and strategies, participants are invited to play with words, images, and metaphor. They draw upon their imaginations, memories, and intuitive “tone sense” to strengthen and develop creative writing abilities and develop greater confidence as writers.

 Finding Your Voice

Explore the power and mystery of the spoken word! In this workshop, participants experiment with a variety of vocal techniques to strengthen their speaking voices and move from the written word into performance. Participants practice techniques involving volume, pacing, pitch, pauses, emphasis, vocal dynamics, and the body. The workshop generates a comfortable atmosphere designed to allow participants to relax and find their own unique voices.